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Haunted Homes
  Mia Dolan, the best-known female psychic in the UK and bestselling author of The Gift, now stars in her own TV show Haunted Homes - her first ever ghost-busting series shown on television. Series 2 has now been filmed, details will be posted here when we know the date to be aired.

Also out as a book, Mia presents a diary of her ghost-busting exploits in family homes around the UK. She visits the homes of ordinary people who have been troubled by hauntings, communicates with the spirit, finds out who they are and why they are present in the house and finally carries out an exorcism.

The book features each of Mia's investigations, the conversations and debates with her sceptic co-presenter, the full drama of each haunting, how Mia deals with the families' emotions running high throughout the haunting, and her revelations about the spirit culprit. Along the way, Mia also recounts other amazing stories from her extensive ghostbusting career as a psychic

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