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Mia's World
  An Extraordinary Gift. An Unforgettable Journey.
Published: 3rd October 2005
Format: Paperback B format 197x130
Pages: 336p
ISBN: 0-00-720892-8

The gift of the psychic is something that we all possess naturally - but very few of us know how to use. This book follows the experiences of Mia Dolan and her student, Roz, through the psychic training process that leads to the awakening of Roz's own gift and Mia's amazing stories and revelations about the spirit world.

Mia Dolan has had an extraordinary life. In her first book, The Gift, Mia described growing up on the Isle of Sheppey: her traumatic childhood experiences that tested her courage and sent hostile ripples through the island community, and how she coped with raising her two young children in an abusive marriage.

At the age of twenty-two, Mia discovered she was psychic. Over the following years she learned how to develop her gift and use it to help others, but when she foresaw the murder of her own brother and a few years later her teenage son died, it also helped her overcome her own grief.
In Mia's World she takes on a student, Roz - a writer with absolutely no previous psychic training - and teaches her how to tap into her innate gift. Together they embark on a psychic adventure involving revelations from spirit guides, astral travel to the home of Mia's spirit guide, a haunted bell tower and the mystical site of Avalon.
Mia describes her encounters with ghosts (including a visit from her dead brother) and explains the darker forces of the supernatural; she also reveals the incredible truth about the afterlife, what it is like to die, the meaning of destiny and how we find happiness in this world.

'I wish there was some way I could share my ability to see things other people can't. We all have a guide, but not everyone can see or hear theirs. I've no idea what opened up the link between Eric and me, but I consider it a gift.'
Mia Dolan in Real magazine

'One of the country's most respected psychics.'
She magazine

'I loved her immediately. She is warm and funny woman. As Mia says: "This is the last magic on earth."'
The Observer Review

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