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The Gift
  The story of an ordinary woman's extraordinary power
Mia Dolan
Published: 12th May 2003
256 pages;
ISBN: 000715450X
'Your toast is burning.'

That is the first thing he ever said to me. The voice sounded as if it was outside of me - not inside my head. And yet there was no one in the house, apart from my two children and myself. I must have been imagining it. That's what I told myself. The mind has a way of making sense of things.

So begins the gripping story of Mia Dolan, who at the tender age of twenty-two discovered she was psychic. At times harrowing, sometimes hilarious and often moving, her story reads like a novel and is as visual and dramatic as a film. Mia didn't want to be psychic, didn't believe in it, and certainly didn't want to know intimate details about people's lives. As a single mum with two kids from different fathers, with very little money and no obvious spiritual credentials, she seems the least likely person to develop the skills of clairvoyance. She wanted it all to go away. But the pesky voice of her spirit guide wouldn't leave her alone.

'Why me?' I said aloud.

There was no answer, so I carried on.

'Why not pick on a nun, or someone really spiritual?'

The answer, when it came, was dry. 'Your guess,' he said, 'is as good as mine.'

Mia's life has been touched by tragic experiences including, being raped as a teenager, violence in her marriage, and when she foreseeing and dealing with the murder of her own brother and coping with when she foresaw the injuries her son would die from at the age of eighteen.
  But Mia's gift has also been instrumental in helping countless people, providing them hope and helping them find answers to problems. Not to mention her activities as a ghostbuster and exorcist, including stories of the haunted Drury Lane Theatre and helping earth-bound spirits to move on.

This is a fascinating book that will touch you, remind you of what's important, shake you to the core, and make you see the world in a new way. This is not just the story of another psychic, but of an ordinary woman with an extraordinary story that includes a working-class up-bringing, traumatic experiences, pain and tragedy of a life that forged a strong and fascinating personality.

Mia is now one of the most sought-after psychics in the UK. Mia has been called to the scenes of criminal investigations, as well as taken part in scientific tests with criminal psychologists and sports analysts to predict the outcome of events. She was one of the few psychics to predict Princess Diana's death. More topically, Mia was on Kilroy last summer, and when asked to predict what might be the outcome for Saddam Hussein, she replied that he would be 'taken out' in eight months time!
'I want people to know there is more to life than what we call reality, more than what we can see - and it is not as far beyond our reach as we imagine. It is ordinary, everyday, here and now, in this minute. And it is magical, a gift.'

Mia Dolan


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